Another Audition: The Voice

The first episode premiered the night before the x-factor auditions while I was up in Chicago, and I absolutely fell in love! 

I've adored Christina Aguilera since I was 13 when she first came out with Genie In A Bottle. When I found out she was one of the judges, I flipped! I've been rewatching all the episodes and writing down her advice. obsessed? ocd? anal. retentive. yep!

Imagine my surprise when Carson Daly announces during the first live show that they were already starting to have auditions for season 2. Yep.. I signed for an artist account on nbc.com; which you have to do in order to be registered. 

I was prepared to drive back up to Chicago since it's the first city on the audition stops, but money is tight right now due to school fees. Thank goodness they're letting people turn in video submissions! Deadline is in August, and mine is almost finished (I've had strep throat for the past three weeks and couldn't talk, let alone sing). 

Wish me luck? 

The X-Factor Auditions: Results

Well, technically I can't really tell you all what happened until it premieres this fall but suffice to say, I didn't do that bad for my first audition! I got WAY farther than I thought I would! :)


X-Factor Style: My Outfit

As you all know by now, I've searching endlessly for an outfit to wear for the X-Factor auditions in Chicago.

Well, I finally figured out what it's going to be:


Leather bomber jacket::

Wide belt (options)::

Chunky heels/ strappy booties::

Quilted chain bag (chanel look-a-like)::

Ray Ban-esque wayfarers::

but in all black

Gold statement necklace::

Two finger connector rings::

but in gold

Hair style::

    I recently went to the hair salon to get my hair colored darker since it had faded from the last visit. It's now a darker brown with a nice cinnamon tint. I also had my bangs cut back in since they had grown long. They're very swooshy and Bieber-like lol 

I'm gonna curl my hair to look like Kim Kardashian's or a Victoria's Secret Angel.

     -option 1
     -option 2
     -option 3
     -option 4
     -option 5
     -option 6
     -option 7

      -option 1
      -option 2
      -option 3
      -option 4


I'm thinking about doing a smoky eye.. very rock n' roll.

13. Contouring from Beau Nelson (K-stew's makeup artist)

15. Smoky eyes from Scott Barnes (J. Lo's makeup artist)

As you can tell, I have many videos that are currently under review. I can't make up my mind quite yet, but at least I know the sort of direction I'm wanting to go in!


From Behind The Stage Door

What is the biggest thing I'm doing at this point to get ready for the X-Factor auditions? Wanna hazard a guess? I bet you'll know before I even say anything... ready?

Yep, you guessed it! I'm looking for clothes online. lol

What have I found so far, you ask?

Let's take a look::

from Urbanog.com

from Yesstyle.com

from Littlewoods.com

This would be for the more formal rounds, of course! 

from Asos.com

from Etsy.com

That's all for tonight... until next time, dolls! Leave me a comment on what you think I should buy! :)


X-Factor Style: QVC Is Not Too Bad!

I realized that I have not posted anything in awhile, and that is totally my bad! :P

I have some exciting news for you all....

You may have seen those X-Factor commercials (coming this fall) featuring Simon Cowell as the creator/judge. Can you see where I'm going with this yet? The show has been airing over in the UK for at least five years now. Leona Lewis won in 2006. Remember her?

It premieres this fall in September (I think), and the winner gets $5 million as the prize. That's 5x more than what the American Idol winner gets. Plus, they don't have an upper age limit unlike AI; which tops out at 28.

Auditions start this weekend in Los Angeles, and while I am not going to go all the way out there, I am driving up to Chicago to audition on April 26 & 27.

They even have a blog: http://www.xfactorxtra.com/

They tell you on there to 'dress to impress' and dress like you want your star image to be like. Yeah, it confuses me a bit, too. I don't even know what genre I really want to be... maybe R&B and pop, no country! I have been searching around for some options to wear and looked on QVC since I knew Rachel Zoe had a line on there.

Guess what? The Kardashian sisters just recently debuted a line there, too.

Here are my top picks:

Here are my top picks from Rachel Zoe:

That's all I got for you for now.. until next time!!

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